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how is this the first time this is on my dash?!

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Sooooo, here’s an update. Hmm. We are getting more and more comfortable in our home. We still need to paint and some other shit. We also have Lulu in arms reach. I feel so at ease that she’s a lot closer to us.

We weren’t really a cat couple, because of our Bully Baby, Kima, but these fucken cats have clawed their way into our hearts and it’s going to be difficult once Fifo, takes them home. Yes, I renamed Jophia from Fifi to Fifo. She’s mean sometimes. Always asking them 21 questions, and shit. LOL.

We baptized two of the four god sons that we have been blessed with. Tayvin Jay & Lucas Cameron. It was such a beautiful event. Although, this reminded me of the time I had to baptize Aerionnie & Niane’Lynn. One exception, Aerionnie is the only main god child that I have. But, Sunday was a really great day. Sunny beautiful day. #TrulyBlessed.

We will be leaving to California in August, for the love’s pre-deployment brief. I’m kinda excited and sad at the same time. I wish we weren’t going for deployment. 

7 months shouldn’t be that bad right? Deployment, I guess is what you make out of it. It’s not like I’m going to sit my ass around crying. LMMFAO. 
I got plans, hopefully, that tech course comes around again. 

Maybe get another job? IDK? I need to make a separate account for our solar panels and some other bullshit for our house. 

But yeah, just wanted to spill some shit. 

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Frozen Is The New Black (X)

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holy shit

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Everything you love is here

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